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Joining the Lab

Prospective MS/PhD students: Please apply to the appropriate Computer Science degree program at UT through the standard channels. Contacting me personally is not necessary, as there are places in the application where you can flag your interest in working with me. Due to the volume of applications we receive, I am unable to consult with prospective students about their applications or level of qualification for the program.

MS/PhD students already at UT: Please email Greg directly.

Undergraduates at UT: If you are interested in joining the lab, please email Greg directly. In your email, you should (1) attach a resume; (2) briefly describe any particularly relevant prior experience. I typically do not take students who are looking for one-semester projects or capstone supervision.

Undergraduates/MS students from other institutions looking for internships: I do not typically take interns from other institutions. You can still feel free to email me. I am more likely to consider you if you are at an institution in Texas or are an underrepresented minority in Computer Science.